Yes, I am that type of girl who wants to travel the world. Its kind of crazy because I’m scared to get on a plane . At the same time I want to just get out and explore . I see all the wonderful wildlife on television and it always amaze me . All of the beautiful plants , animals , & sea life . For the most part I feel like everyone should see at least a portion of every part of the world. The number 1 place that I have to see is Bora Bora !!! The beautiful water . pretty sand , & the hotels and sheds that they have for you to stay in while your out there . It seems like everything is amazing ; the water is sparkling clear¬†. OMG you just have to see it . Hopefully I inspired you to get out and travel!

Christmas Break !!!!!

Well when I was on Christmas break I honestly didn’t do as much but the things that I did do where overall good. So when we first got out of school I did girls things like got my nails , hair,& eyebrows done. The following days I was shopping in NorthPark Mall trying to buy a lot of things.¬† I also was just there to walk around and eat food. Christmas Eve my family and I had a little get together in our pajamas . LOL we got LIT !!!! On Christmas day I really didn’t do anything I just sat around the house with my family. Finally after Christmas I didn’t do anything I watched kids, went to food places , & seen my significant other

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